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*Price adjustment March 2023*
For orders of clonNAT there is an extra charge of 1.00 EURO per tube.
In addition are charged seperately shipment, insurance transport, tubes etc.

(streptothricins F + D). Our trade name is clonNAT, amino-glycoside antibiotics from Streptomyces noursei [CAS 96736-11-7]. Broad antimicrobial activity, was used as an ergotropicum (nutritivum) in animal nutrition until 1990 in Germany.

Selection system: clonNAT + plasmid pYL16 (resistance plasmid with nat k gene, see our special information), for selection of recombinant resistant pro- and eukaryotic cells and for modern plant cultivation. The beige crystals are soluble in water. Acute toxicity: LD50 (oral, rat): 1185 mg/kg.
GHS 07 (reizend), R 22-36/37/38 S 26-36 RTECS # RD4240000.

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