Company Profile
Company Profile

WERNER BioAgents was founded in January 15th, 2000 and pursues a mail-order business for a worldwide sale of selected natural products and biologically active compounds. Since 01st of April 2015 we are operating as WERNER BioAgents GmbH.

Two parts of the business are distinguished:



An alternative Selection System (Nourseothricin-dihydrogen sulfate, clonNAT, plasmid pYL16) for Genetic Engineering of Resistant Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells and Modern Plant Cultivation.

Natural Products and Biologically Active Agents for Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biological Research: Ambazone, Congocidine (Netropsin-hydrochloride Sinanomycin), Maduranic acid (Madurahydroxylacton), Seneciphylline, Solasodine

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